Chicken and Moon About Crypto

My Name is David

I started Chicken and Moon in 2017 because I feel invested in the cryptocurrency community and wanted to make a difference. I want to a create shirts that promote the coins I believe in and not just some flavor-of-the-month shitcoin. As just a single person on social media, it's hard to make change. I'm just a college kid, not some whale. I don't exactly have a lot of influence. But I see all the greed and self-interest coming out of the cryptocurrency industry and community and it boils me up inside. But, wielding the power of a crypto-themed apparel store, I thought I could at least do something...or at least make a few cool hats.

I'm Calling This a Senior Project

Some friends and I tried spinning up a Shopify trial accounts for fun eventually dipped our toes into creating some video game themed t-shirt designs. We had a blast doing everything but we each we were juggling too much as it was. Fast forward a few months later I still had the itch. So I did it. I figured it was now or never. So, naturally, I spent the long Labor Day weekend of 2017 and created Chicken and Moon.

We are a small sole proprietor shop. If you're feeling fancy, you could say we use a lean startup mentality and practice agile-based methodologies and processes. Also, we're in Milwaukee. We're effectively a two person operation, Liz and I. She's the artist, I'm the handsome eCommerce guy, and with the help of a drop-shipping app, we the trio ensures your Chicken and Moon apparel is everything you ever wanted, and more!

We're Crazy Friendly, Too! 

We want to hear from you! We want you to love your shirts so if you have feedback, in the words of the immortal Frasier Crane, I'm listening.

Got an Idea for a Shirt?

We'd love to hear about it on Twitter or Instagram.

Just the tip?

We're doing this because we're broke college kids. Feel free to donate below.